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Discipleship prayer

Prayer Chain

These dedicated church members continue to be one of the blessings of God to our congregation.  These people have committed themselves to praying for those with special needs or concerns.  If you have a need just call Teresa Watt or Deaconess Kathy and we’ll get the prayer chain started.  This ministry is available to all who desire it and the request can be as detailed or as general as you’d like. 

Prayer Group

This ministry comes together to meet and pray together for those with special requests. This ministry is an opportunity for people to gather to pray.  There is time for individual and corporate prayers as well as Scripture Reading and meditation.  If you have prayers that you would like included please either fill out a prayer card (located in atrium) or contact Joni Hamrick or Deaconess Kathy.

Current Ministry Opportunities

Family Ministry Team

This group of people meets to discuss and plan family ministry opportunities here at St.  Luke’s.  Led by Pastor Josh, they undertook the task of defining the role of Family Ministry, accessing the needs of families in the congregation and setting some long term goals. They will continue to meet as a mutual support team to evaluate Sunday School curriculum, assess programs and congregational needs and to support the Director of Family Ministry.

Children's Center Advisory Team

This group of people meets monthly with Diane, our Children’s Center director, and Pastor Josh to help guide, direct, and oversee our ministry of the Children’s Center.  The advisory team oversees many functions of the center to include finances, website administration, marketing and advertising, enrollment, and more. One of their main fun tasks is planning and coordinating the Fun Fest, which is held every summer in Luther Hall. Please see Diane’s report for further information.

Finance Team

This is a small group of people who are dedicated to meeting monthly before Council to review the financial report for both the church and the Children’s Center. Thanks for their time serving on this committee.


There are many of our members who volunteer their time and expertise to do various maintenance and clean-up needs around the church.  We thank all who help keep our building and grounds looking well-cared for and safe!


Give thanks so that the Lord may bless you

This is the focus of our stewardship campaign for giving in 2014.  As always, we were blessed by a congregation that prays for guidance from God on their giving and then gives that.  We also completed the 2nd year of our 3-year campaign – Standing Firm, Moving Forward and were again blessed by the faithful giving of our members.

stewardship 2013
…so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Deuteronomy 24:19

OutreachWorld Refugee Day

Task Force for Mission Support

This group determines how our benevolence dollars are spent.  They work hard researching the many good organizations that are in our community and world.  They also have planned and implemented ways in which we could become more involved with these agencies by distributing information and asking various representatives of the organizations come a speak at our Sunday morning Adult Class.

Lutheran Family Services

One of our mission partners, Lutheran Family Services, has many events to benefit those in need.   The Inn Keeper Dinner and Lutheran Refugee gatherings are a few events that are planned, organized, and attended by several of our members.  There are also many opportunities to donate needed items such as blankets, pillows and other household goods for those less fortunate. Another way we endeavored to support LFS and their ministries was to help them host the Lutheran Refugee Christmas Party.

Missionary Support

We support missionary efforts through the World Mission Prayer League.  The World Mission Prayer League or WMPL is a pan-Lutheran missionary organization started in Minnesota at the turn of the 20th century.  WMPL facilitates missionaries and mission activities throughout the world  with the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.  You can participate in this valuable ministry by signing up on the sheet in the Atrium.  It’s a great way to honor a birthday or an anniversary or “just because.”

World Hunger

The first Sunday of the month is World Hunger Sunday with envelopes placed in the bulletin for donations from members who wish to minister to those in need around the world.  All donations are sent to Lutheran World Relief.

Mosaic Homes

Our congregation provided gifts and gift cards for the residents of Mosaic.  These are homes for people who are developmentally disabled and dependent upon on our support for their Christmas gifts.  Upon receiving the “wish list” of each resident, members sign up to buy and wrap that particular present for that particular resident.  We also supplied many gift cards so that the residents can go shopping or out to dinner – something they would not be able to do without your support.  If you’d like to participate, watch for a sign-up sheet in November.

Food Pantry

Located inside the front Atrium doors is a hamper in which members place non-perishable food items and toiletries.  We keep a supply of food here at the church for those times that the pastor knows of someone in need.  The rest of these items are taken to Mercy’s Gate – an organization that reaches people and families in northern Colorado Springs and is one of our partners in ministry.

Bread Deliveries

An ongoing ministry at Saint Luke’s is one of delivering bread to all our first time visitors as a thank-you for their visit.  A letter written by the pastor inviting them to share the “bread of life” with us on Sunday mornings accompanies the bread.  We have people who bake the bread, others who deliver the bread and some who do both.  If you’d be willing to help in this valuable ministry of outreach to our visitors please call Ellen Baese, our faithful coordinator.

Habitat for Humanity

Through Thrivent Builds, Habitat was again a ministry of our congregation with several willing hands ready to serve and help.  Please watch for sign-up sheets to volunteer – all are welcome!

Partner Ministries

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