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A Ministry of the North American Lutheran Church

5265 North Union Blvd
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Worship Services

worship servicesOur services our rich in the tradition of a liturgical, Lutheran sense. Join us for a full service on Sunday. We offer mid-week Eucharist services for all who would like to attend.  These are an opportunity to renew and strengthen your faith in the middle of the week.

Sundays: 8 am and 10:30 am
Tuesdays (25 min): 12 pm Eucharist
Wednesdays (25 min): 7:15 am Eucharist
  • Sunday mornings are full services with music, sermon, and Holy Communion.
  • Tuesday is a spoken service with a short homily and Holy Communion.
  • Wednesday is a spoken service with a divine reading and Holy Communion.

Special Services: Lent, Holy Week, and Easter

  • Palm Sunday, Mar. 25, 8 am & 10:30 am. Nursery provided.
  • First Communion, Mar. 29, TBD pm.
  • Maundy Thursday, Mar. 29, 7 pm. Nursery provided.
  • Good Friday, Mar. 30, 7 pm. Nursery provided.
  • Easter Vigil, Mar. 31, 7 pm. Post-vigil light refreshments.
  • Easter Sunday Services, Apr. 1, 8 am & 10:30. Full potluck Easter breakfast and egg hunt for children between services.

General Description of Special Services

palm sunday, lentAdvent & Lenten Vespers:  A favorite amongst many of our members, these special services have chant, readings, homily, and quietness.  They offer a time to reflect on God’s word and feel peace in the busyness of our lives. 

Lenten Soup Suppers:  These light meals precede Lenten services and offer a time for all to relax and enjoy each other’s fellowship.  advent

Additional Services:  We also offer special services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Music at Saint Luke's

About Lutheran Worship

Server Instructions (Links Below Coming Soon)

It takes about 30 people every single Sunday (not counting Pastor Josh, Keith, Deaconess Kathy or choir members) to fill all the positions of our Sunday morning worship servers.  That includes crucifers, acolytes, assisting ministers, communion assistants, ushers, greeters, nursery attendants and Children’s Church leaders.  Thank you to all who serve so willingly and so faithfully. 

  • Crucifer
  • Acolyte
  • Assisting Minister
  • Communion Assistant
  • Usher
  • Greeters
  • Nursery Attendant
  • Children's Church Leaders
    christmas eve service

vimeo embedvideo iconSaint Luke's Lutheran Church has a dedicated, ad-free channel on Vimeo. View past and present sermons on that website: Available on Vimeo.

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